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Crawl Space Encapsulation and Crawl Space Repair

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Did you know that over 40% of the air inside your home comes out of your crawl space? Have you ever noticed any musty or moldy odors inside your home that you can’t identify the cause of? If so, you could have an overly wet crawl space and be in need of a Crawl Space Encapsulation System.

Wet crawl spaces have some of the same enemies that wet basements do. Hydrostatic Pressure, Improper Grade and Poor Drainage.

Increased humidity levels inside your crawl space provides a perfect environment for mold and fungal activity. Once mold is present it is not uncommon to begin noticing foul odors inside your home. The odors are carried into your home by way of what’s called The Stack Effect.

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The Stack Effect is basically the movement of air into and out of your home. The movement of air is a result inside and outside air density fluctuations that results from differences in air temperature and moisture. In addition, homes are more drafty than many realize and aren’t as impenetrable as many think. The result is that over 40% of the indoor air in your home is coming out of your crawl space.

If you have a wet crawl space or if you don’t know what is acceptable in terms of dampness in your crawl space, contact us for a complimentary inspection. We will inspect your crawl space and determine if there is a problem.

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