Foundation Repair

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Do you have cracks in foundation brick or concrete walls? Have you noticed sagging floors or sticking doors? These are indications of structural movement within your home and you may be in need of foundation repair.

It is not uncommon for the soil underneath your home to erode and cause that area of your foundation to sink. Just as with most basement and crawl space issues,  improper grade and drainage can damage the foundation of your home. Once the grade and drainage concerns have been addressed, stabilization of your foundation is possible through the use of helical piers and several other foundation fortification methods. 

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Helical Piers are one of the most effective solutions to stabilizing a foundation. They are recommended and installed with specifications provided by a licensed structural engineer. Once the original source of the problem has been corrected and the foundation has been stabilized, we can also repair any of the brick or block that was damaged during the settlement process.

If you have any concerns of foundation problems, give us a call. We offer complimentary inspections of suspected foundation issues. Whether you’re buying or selling a home, or a homeowner considering your options, we can help!